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(1) M/s Shiner Lore&Web Solutions Pvt Ltd Company shall not refund the advance received against your verbal/written work order in case of cancellation of such work order from your end. Balance payment will have to be paid to us immediately without any hesitation.

(2) We shall provide your server-related supports only. No other issues shall be within our purview of service.

(3) Photography & Content writing Charges are extra.

(4) Source Code: We shall not provide it under any circumstance.

(5) We shall not be liable for any legal or otherwise issues/claims, whatsoever, in the event of our executing your job, as the same is being done on your behalf under your verbal/written work order or communication.

(6) M/s Shiner Lore&Web Solutions Pvt Ltd reserves the right to make any modifications, addition and deletion if considered necessary or desirable without prior notice at any time.

(7) Any extra modules required or any addition or changes in the modules other than specified in the offer shall be made available at extra cost.

(8) Data Entry work to be done by the client only. All the information are accepted in softcopy only.

(9) In website design virus is the common problem and it’s solved with extra cost only.

(10) Failure to Provide Required Inputs: To deliver our services to you based on your requirements, all supporting documents/information/sketches whatsoever shall be supplied by you immediately at your cost and risks, and we shall not be liable for the quality of the same. In case the delay in executing your verbal/written service requirement happens to be due to your not supplying the required data/information/documents/sketches whatsoever on time, we shall not be responsible for the same, and payment (either balance or full) cannot be withheld at your end. We shall not accept any excuse in not providing timely details.

(11) In the event of laxity at your end in providing required inputs as mentioned in point no.11, we have the right to impose 50% additional cost as well as to close the project on as is where is basis.

(12) For Graphic work, our responsibility is confined up to design only. We shall not be responsible for the outcome of the graphic work with regard to colour combination/printing.

(13) The Quotation/contract approval is subject to the approval of clauses & terms and conditions herein. We charge 100% contract/Quotation amount in case of breach of any terms & Conditions or clauses.

(14) All taxes/levies, as applicable, are extra.

(15) In Dynamic Website you can edit content like text & Image only.

16) We will not be liable to you for any incidental, special or consequential damages of any kind that may result from use of or inept handling at your end. In such circumstance(s) you cannot take any legal action against us.

(17) Email configuration & email data backup arrangements are not falling within the purview of our services. Spam email Marketing is not allowed.

(18) We are not giving any refund at any circumstances. No guarantee and warrantee for any services.

(19) Website update and maintenances charges are extra.

(20) 18% Good Service Tax(GST) Extra after 01/07/2017.

(21) Website domain name is our property and we do not transfer to anybody, at a time.

(22) In case you do not provide required inputs to be put in the services required by you, we shall use images, content, web programming, and effect from the internet and therefore copyright issues are of not our responsibility. However, we sincerely suggest to our clients to use only authentic inputs to avoid any issues.

(23) Any issues arising out of this proposal or quotation or work order or requirement shall be subject to Vadodara jurisdiction.

(24) Renewal of Domain & Hosting: We do renewal every year on your behalf and will not pass on to the third party. Renewal charges at actual shall be paid by you upon our intimation.

(25) Your Data will only be used for verification and all of your data will be kept safe by our company. We will never sell your data to any other company.

Please see the  Shiner Lore and Web Solutions Pvt Ltd Company Privacy Policy for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: Terms & Conditions are subject to change during Project period without prior notice


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