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Text messaging is the most widely used data application on the planet!

SMS or Short Messaging Service is a value added service provided by Telecom Operations. Because of its features, it found instant acceptance in the Indian market and is now considered a must-have for all businesses. It is the fastest, most economical and easiest way of communicating and is widely being used where there is a need of small & instant communication alerts. Be it a Fortune 500 companies or a small businesses, the enterprise text sms has found a number of innovative and effective ways of usage. Among many of these uses, the following are the most common:
1. Food & Beverage- Restaurants
  • 1. For order confirmation, food delivery confirmation & feedback.
  • 2. Communicate discount Coupons, Special Offers, introduction of new dishes or cuisine, Opening of a new branch nearby
  • 3. Confirmation of Table booking, Loyalty card usage.
Case Study: McDonald’s Italy made everyone an instant winner in a holiday campaign to send an SMS to Santa. The company printed unique codes on cups for consumers to text in– right in the restaurant. Every code was a winner. Presents ranged from mobile content such as personal calls from Santa, sending postcards to friends, personal photos with Santa to attractive physical prizes like prepaid credit cards, 150 mobile phones and free airtime. The campaign drew a stunning 25% response rate – with more than 1.5 million participations in five weeks.
2. Event Management Companies
  • 1. Invite participants to an event or an exhibition.
  • 2. Confirmation of booking / receipt of service fee / registration
Case Study: DMG World Media is an international exhibition and publishing company that produces more than 300 market-leading trade exhibitions, consumer shows and fairs, including the popular Surf Expo. Deciding it was time to raise the bar for communication with Expo attendees and exhibitors, they turned to a text messaging solution, creating an effective, cost-efficient text program to offer their 16,000+ attendees and 1,000 exhibitors.
3. Schools & institutions
  • 1. Students attendance is sent thorugh sms to th eparents.
  • 2. SMS is also used to communicate results of exams/ tests etc
  • 3. Information about holidays/ upcoming events of the institute etc
4. Emergency SMS Alert Systems
  • 1. Weather information / Local news.
  • 2. Single SMS alert to reach multiple recipients such as local police stations, relatives and the employer company for security of women employees.
5. Entertainment Industry
  • 1. Reach out to the masses to promote new shows or movies.
  • 2. Collect feedback from audience for engagement and to use it in devising the next turn of events
  • 3. Introduce SMS contents and rewards to winning candidates to build popularity
6. Financial Services
  • 1. All transactions from a debit card / credit card / bank account
  • 2. Passwords for Internet banking
  • 3. New Offers, low balance alerts
Case Study: In Kenya, mobile subscribers to a popular texting website can send cash to other mobile phone users with text. With more than 80% of the population excluded from formal banking, the system is expected to change people’s lives significantly.
7. Government
  • 1. Communicate new missions, drives such as polio eradication drive to ensure maximum participation.
  • 2. Inform taxpayers about tax deadlines, new norms etc
Case study: The Boston Police Department launched a text-message based tip line. The new Crime Stoppers tip line enables Boston residents to anonymously provide information about crimes that may help police make their communities safer. Citizens simply text the word “tip” to the short code C-R-I-M-E.
8. Healthcare/ Pharma
  • 1. Remind patients of their upcoming appointments. 2. Information about health checkup camps
  • 3. Pharmaceutical companies use SMS services to authenticate genuineness of medicines sold at retail counters
9. Real Estate
  • 1. Real estate agencies across the country are using SMS to quickly inform their clients with personal messages on new listings or information on closing deals.
  • 2. Promote new real estate projects
  • 3. Inform completion of construction of projects to buyers.
10. Religious, Social and Advocacy Groups
  • 1. Information about upcoming festivals, specific dates and time for fasts, worship
  • 2. Communicate about new registrations / receipt of donations
  • 3. NGOs use text messaging to invite maximum participation in drives, events.
11. Retail
  • 1. Stores large to small, online to brick and mortar are using text messaging for improved customer service.
  • 2. Send out discount coupons, new product information, pending invoices
  • 3. Confirmations of orders, delivery etc
Case Study:A small grocery store chain spent thousands of dollars each month in newspaper advertising and was looking for a way to reduce that expense without losing sales. They launched a text campaign that sent customers exclusive weekly grocery specials. The program was promoted in print ads and in all four of their locations. Within weeks the chain had 2,500 customers in their database. The response rate reached 21% in 10 weeks. Within six months, they had reduced their newspaper ad budget by 40% and saved a total of $5,800 per month in advertising costs.
12. Sports, Leisure & Healthcare
  • 1. Gyms send out membership information to its members
  • 2. Mobile marketing is widely used by Spas, Healthcare companies like slimming centers to promote their services and increase their customer database
13. Technology
  • 1. Web access passwords / registration informations are sent through SMS.
  • 2. Many mobile apps use SMS as the only medium of communication instead of mails.
  • 3. Information about updating & confirming change in personal details etc
Case Study: Voice and data networking infrastructure company VeriSign uses text messaging as a powerful internal communications tool. In corporate meetings, SMS powers text-to-vote polls. Using real time charts and graphs, VeriSign is able to quickly gather the opinions of its employees.
14. Transportation
  • 1. Most of the logistic companies use SMS services to send information about shipments.
  • 2. Delivery status of shipments can be tracked by texting to short code
  • 3. SMS are sent out to inform the position of vehicles determined by GPS.
Case Study: Companies such as UPS and FedEx alert customers via text messaging as to where their packages are and if they have reached their destinations.
15. Tour & Travel
  • 1. Information on flight booking / cancellations /delays
  • 2. Introduce new Tour packages
  • 3. Hotels use SMS to confirm bookings / gather feedback
Case Study: Finding that emails are not the best method for reaching passengers and crew members on flight cancellations and changes with less than 48 hours notice, British Airways developed an instantaneous communication channel for alerting passengers, logistics firms and staff of last minute flight update information. Passengers are invited to sign up to the service via the British Airways website. The service was also promoted in trade publications and via direct communication with British Airway agents.

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