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15 Simple Useful SEO Tips for Your New Website

Hello friends!

Whenever you create a new website, the initial SEO is very important and challenging.

So today I’m going to give you 19 simple tips that will make your beginner SEO very easy.

Tip 1: Use Ubersuggest for Keyword Research

Use this very useful free tool to find exact keywords related to your website.

Ubersuggest will not only tell you the related keywords but will also show all the useful information related to those keywords, such as search volume, defficulty score, related keywords and related keywords.

Tip 2: Use G-Suite for your email accounts
Connect the website domain to G-Suite and use all of Google’s features with your own email. You can look more professional using instead of

Tip 3: Set up Google Search Console
You can subscribe to Google Search Console using your G-Suite email. In the search console you have a lot of tools available to correctly index your website in Google such as Google sitemap submission, website verification (website verification), Backlink Detection, Search query etc.

Tip 4: Setup Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a versatile tool for viewing and analyzing all the useful information related to traffic to your website. You can setup and use it free of charge through your G-Suite email.

Tip 5: Local Schema Markup
If you are a local business then you need to mark the product, reviews, addresses, etc. on your web page with the help of Schema Markup Structured Data Testing Tool, which is very important for Google Local Indexing. Due to Schema Markup Google receives the necessary information related to your page.

Tip 6: Google Page Speed ​​Insights
Google has made it clear in 2018 that loading of your website is very important for speed ranking. With Google Page Speed ​​Insights, you can improve the speed and mobile compatibility of your website by testing it.

Tip 7: Using for Keyword Research
From simple keyword research you will receive all the keywords that are available to anyone. You can not write new content from these keywords is a website that gives you a different perspective on what the users are searching for. Sometimes you will get keywords that you will never have thought about.

Tip 8: Buy Exact Match Domain (EMD)
Let’s say that your business name is New Delhi Painters, then you should buy a domain like because it is also a search keyword. The advantage of this is that whenever your users New Users in New Delhi Painters will put this keyword on Google, your website will get priority.

Tip 9: Buy Partial Match Domain (PMD)
If the Exact Match Domain is not available, Buy Partial Match Domain. For example, if is not available, then by booking or, you can also take advantage of the search rankings. Keep in mind that if you are building a brand, then do not use this method.

Tip 10: Optimize the Title Tag
Your page’s title is the most important after your url. If your title is boring and does not inspire the user to visit the website, then it is very important to work on it. Make sure to include a social proof or call to action in your title tag.

For example, if you have a review of 500 users, you can write “Certified by 500 Customers”
Or you can write anything like “20% discount for the first 50 customers”

Look at the title tags of your competitors and try to make something different and better.

Tip 11: Enter as many web forms as possible on your website.
CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization means optimizing the website for as many conversions as possible. It means that if we are selling a product, service or subscription through our website, then we can get the name and email of the recipients through call to action and web form directly from the users.

Conversion Rate Optimization is important for new websites.

Tip 12: Reduce Your Image Size
Decrease your image size through Photoshop or any other online tool. Never use the png format. Try to keep the size of the image always below 300KB.

Tip 13: Write more guest posts to get more traffic
This is an extremely effective way to get more traffic to the new website as soon as possible. By visiting the blog related to your topic, writing the best quality guest posts will increase your website traffic quickly. The quality of this traffic will also be good because it is related to your subject.

Tip 14: Write content in question and answer format
Not only for Google Voice Search, but answers to questions will also attract users to a great extent on your website.

When you are related to your topic on your website or blog

Tip 15: Video Usage
By 2021, 84% of traffic will be related to video. Users look to watch videos instead of reading content. So by presenting content written on your blog post or website through the video, users will be more likely to be on your website.

You can also get help from a website like to make a video.

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